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For Investors: De-risked Solar and Wind Projects


Attractive Investments

in the Solar C&I Sector in Africa

With rapidly falling costs, renewable energy technologies, in particular solar PV, are fast becoming the cheapest source for new power generation globally, all the more in countries with excellent and abundant renewable energy sources.


This represents an enormous and unique deployment potential, especially for the developing and industrializing countries in Africa, with their rapidly growing electricity demand, often unreliable power supply and high costs for back-up diesel generators. This makes a strong business case and creates an attractive business environment for both C&I customers and renewable energy investors.

Together with our local partners,

we identify prospective customers and

build attractive C&I project portfolios

Our Activities

  • Site appraisal, resource assessment

  • Feasibility studies

  • Layout planning & Engineering

  • Management of permitting process (e.g. EIA)

  • Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Project Execution Planning

  • Secure financing (equity, debt, DFI funding)

  • Project validation and Due Diligence

  • Strategic Consulting around future energy technologies

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